AC Fursuit Track Team Looks for Panelists

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, USA, January 28 — Originally Posted by Sharky at

Anthrocon 2014 is gaining faster than a shark on a seal! The Fursuit Track team is once again looking for panelists to donate their incredible skills to continue to make AC the best furry convention in the world. Our theme might be secret societies, but it is no secret that we have an incredible talent in this fandom, that needs to be shared with our attendees.

Fursuiters at AnthroCon -- Source:

Fursuiters at AnthroCon — Source:

REMEMBER ANTHROCON IS YOUR CONVENTION. Its continued success depends on the support we get from our members. Running a panel can be a fun experience, with great rewards back to the fandom.

We are looking for animals that can run panel tracks in the following categories:


Do you like to build fursuits? Well, set a panel up and show others how much fun it can be. In the past we had people who did construction panels, workshops on specific types of design (eg. Electronics), cleaning and maintenance, and even basic sewing technique ones!


For those of us that have HAM in their blood stream and love to perform/work in fur suit, then this is for you!! What better way to show off all mad skills, then running a panel on how to correctly perform in public.

If you are ready to submit a panel idea, then please click on the AC fursuit track form (link below). All panel ideas MUST be submitted through it and approved.

We also vaule your input, if you have any ideas/suggestions on panels, please e mail them to:

For any other questions/comments/concerns, feel free to either email them to the address above, or leave a comment below!

(If you are interested in running a panel, or know anyone who might be feel free to forward this email to them.)


Panda, Sharky, Corso and Salem

Anthrocon Fursuit Track


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