Launch Day

Welcome, furries of the world!

Those of you who are reading this post have been selected to screen this news site so that the author can receive feedback on the idea, as well as hear new ideas on additional functionality or design elements.

The Furry Post will be the number one source of furry-related news on the Internet. For far too long, the furries of the Internet have been subjected to hearsay newfurrypost logos, subjectively spun reports from large websites, and untimely reports from small news outlets.

TFP aims to cure this by offering refreshing, objective news and balanced commentary through in-depth research, accurate reporting, and quality writing on a timely basis. The community will be encouraged to participate through commenting on articles as they are posted, letters to the editor, and a live forum.

It is the hope of the producer of this website that soon, furries world-wide can receive their news in an unbiased way and begin to develop independent opinions based on reported fact, instead of twisted punditry that is so often passed off as objective news.

At this time, the plan is to launch live stories through multiple sections of interest as well as live community engagement beginning within one month of the posted date of this article. This will correspond with an advertising campaign aimed at increasing the readers of the website. Small stories and test articles will be appearing until that time, and the producer looks forward to hearing your feedback.

Also at this time, TFP is looking for dedicated and experienced journalists, writers, commentators, artists, and coders to help with the development and publications of this site. If interested, please contact the site owner.

I am personally looking forward to a great start to this project, and hope to see you all live on launch day!

Best regards,

Grisli Aklark

Editor-in-chief, Owner

The Furry Post


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